Member Benefits

Your membership at Cova Cowork at Bottoms Up comes with so many benefits, and there are even more! Take a look at some of the perks of being a member below.

Community Manager

Your office concierge, tech guru, johnny on the spot, community faciliator, expert coffee brewer, and everything else.

24/7 Access

You hav 24/7 access to the space!  Click on Instructions for information on how the door and alarm code works.


You have a mailbox!!

Space Management Software

Through this software you can manage your membership, reserve rooms, connect with fellow members, and so much more.

Meeting Rooms

Book the Conference Room or Huddle Room right from your computer or phone. 

Print / Scan / Copy

You have printing, scanning, and copying available to you. 

Storage Space

You have access to lots of personal or professional storage in both lockers and on shelving in the basement. 

Event Space

You have free access to use the cafe or entire space to for your events.  

10% Off Bottoms Up

Get 10% off all items provided at Bottoms Up Coffee!

Business Promotion

Let us promote what you are doing!

Free Coffee & Tea

Yup, thats right.  Coffee and loose leaf tea for free!!!

T&C / Code of Conduct

Need to see the Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct? Click here!


We want to hear what you think. 


We would love for you to help us out with likes, follows, and reviews.  A few seconds of your time goes far.

Traveling Guest Pass

Get 3 free days of coworking each month at any of the hundreds of coworking spaces in the Proximity Network.  

Cova Slack

Slack is a great tool to communicate with your Cova community!

Note: Not all benefits are available to all membership levels, and all benefits are subject to availability.